Home made Spring Rolls delivered to your door!

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  • DEEP FRY / Shallow Fry (BEST WAY!!)

    1) Fill Pan or whatever you're using with any Vegetable/ Sunflower/ Conola Oil.

    2) Medium Heat -> You can wait for it to heat up
    3) Chuck Spring Rolls in there until they are Golden Brown (Around 7-10min)
    4) Check if its cooked in the middle or Temp Check with Thernometer 75 degrees

  • Air Fry! (Not the best)

    Customer Guide:

    180-200 Degrees
    1) Drizzle or Coat Spring Rolls with Oil

    2) Shake after 8min

    3) Leave them in there for another 8min

  • Oven (Not reccomended)

    General Guide by Customer:

    1) Heat Oven to 200 Degrees

    2) Brush Pan and Spring Rolls with Oil

    3) Leave Spring Rolls in there for 15min
    4) Flip over for another 15min
    (30min total)

    Use Coconut Oil if you want to be fancy..

  • Home made Recipe

    Imagine your friendly Asian Neighbour giving you Spring Rolls. Except... you're paying for these ones...

  • - They're around 10cm long and 1.5cm length
    - Bigger than your index finger and thicker than your thumb.
    - Great for parties and great for just something to have in your freezer!

    - Super Duper Easy to Cook!